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Summer Sports


The ski resort of Bormio is ideal for those who love walking in the mountains.
The spacious and beautiful valleys that surround the magnificent land provide numerous and interesting routes that wind in the heart of the Stelvio National Park between increasingly snowy pastures and peaks.
Surrounded by unspoilt nature, you can choose every day the most suitable route based on your training and your curiosity.
Remembering that mountain must be careful, and that if you are not familiar, it should be accompanied by mountain guides who will be glad to show you the sights and the most beautiful sights, we wish everyone a good walk!

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In the green valleys of Valtellina, in the heart of the Stelvio National Park, the Equestrian Center Furnace promotes equestrian tourism activities during the summer (July / August). In collaboration with the municipality of Valdidentro, the Centre has immense space available to make horseback riding, hiking and horseback riding.
The center counts on the experience of Raffaele Gelmini teacher who has succeeded in attracting many fans of the Valtellina, where riding was almost unknown.
The center is located in the town of Pian del Vino 4 km from Bormio, near the sports center.
Two fields for the 20mx50m riding are available, one for beginners and one (in the paddock) for horse owners who want to spend their holidays in Valtellina.


Immediately upon entering the town, at La Fornace, it is the Golf Club Bormio.
The field, nine-hole runs along 4236 meters and is well embedded in the surroundings: along the way, totally immersed in nature, you can admire the peaks that frame the valley.
The first holes were made in the late eighties and, later, of Swiss architect Verdieri the field has reached its present shape becoming a model with regard to golf in the mountains.
The camp is open from April 1 to November 1 without interruption and there are many competitions that take place there. There is also a driving range and a pretty recent and Club House where they are offered the bar and restaurant service.
The Golf Club Bormio in Lombardy:
m altitude. 1250, m. 4,324 driving range, putting green, pitching green, 9 holes, par 66 sss 63, pro - shop, Bar Ristorante Buca 19
Open: from April 1st to November 1st
Closing day: none
For information: Bormio Golf Club
Via Giustizia
phone 0342 91.07.30 – fax 0342 91.96.65


Rafting and canoeing are two water sports that lead to an emotional contact with nature.
In Valtellina, along the river Adda, which runs from Stazzona to Castione Andevenno, you can enjoy these adventure sports with two associations that meet the needs of people in both the first experience, or already experienced and always looking for new emotions.
experienced and qualified staff will take you on an unforgettable adventure with a wide range of programs are also suitable for families and for routes that allow you to "dive" into the river and discover the beauty of Valtellina.
The Base River Rafting has its headquarters at the sports ground of St. James, on the banks of the river Adda in the municipality of Teglio (10 km from Sondrio in the direction of Bormio). And 'directed by Aldo Trabucchi, member of the River Rescue Corps.
The tours are suitable for both beginners and those who have and those who have already experienced (baptism, still full rafting, rafting fun filled ...) are held from May to October at the Base Camp or St. Jacob sports meeting -11.00-14.00 to 09:00 on working days and holidays, and lasts about 3 hours.
Information and reservations:
tel. +39 0342 212123

The Amateur Sports Association Indomita Valtellina River is located at the railway from Sondrio Via Nazionale Castione Andevenno (5km away) and was founded in 1994 by a group of friends united by their passion for the sport of nature and water. Thanks to the efforts of its technical staff and the enthusiasm of many members and friends who over the years have gathered around the association, the Indomita has grown, becoming a reference point for the provincial water sports is competitive and the level of tourism.
From April to November, the Indomitable Valtellina organizes boat trips along the river Adda between Stazzona and Castione. All necessary equipment is provided by the association (wetsuit, helmet, life jacket), you only need to bring a swimsuit and sneakers.
Information and reservations:
tel. +39 347 9320949

Mountain Bike

Bormio and its surroundings offer a unique opportunity for cycling and mountain bikers: the surrounding peaks are now revenues of law on the list of historical "Great climb" since on them were written some of the most beautiful and important pages the tour of Italy.
You will also confront you with these legends of cycling, trying to climb the Passo Stelvio, or By taking the ramps of the Passo Gavia or the terrible Mortirolo Pass to name only the most famous, not to mention the thousand other opportunities offered by the area of Bormio for cycling enthusiasts.
Often these climbs in the past have proved decisive for winning the final pink jersey, rejecting merciless ambitions of primacy of many.
Alongside these now legendary climbs in the area there are an infinite number of other routes made famous by the passage of the Tour of Italy and not like the climb to Bormio 2000 (stage finish in 2004), the Passo del Foscagno and Eira Pass leading to Livigno (stage finish in 2006) as well as the climb to the Towers Fraele and Cancano Lakes. With a short drive you can also groped the ascent of the Bernina Pass that leads to Sant Moritz.
Stelvio and Gavia are also protagonists of numerous cycling events is that dedicated to the simple competitive cyclists who want groped to reach their peak. On all the Re Stelvio race that, in recent years, thanks to Mapei has become a real event that attracts more than a thousand fans on his turns.
During the summer to report Stelviobike and Gaviabike, two events (normally the first in September and the second in July) when the streets leading to the top of the two steps are dedicated to cyclists with complete closure to traffic.
Countless paths and trails for mountain bikes: in addition to the tracks specially created and some of them specifically dedicated to them, to three thousand meters above sea level, much of the mountain huts located in the surrounding valleys are easily reachable by bike .
The extreme sports enthusiasts can experience the thrill of freeriding at the Mottolino Bike Park in Livigno, one of the eleven Kona Groove Approved Bike Park in the world and the four in Europe, where you can try on different trails to suit all abilities. several special packages are provided and services including bike rental Kona, School Freeride, restaurant service and apres-biking.


The province of Sondrio is an enormous fishing reserve tank and consists of 100 lakes and 1,000 km of rivers and streams. To fish in the province of Sondrio A license is required. The waters, the granting by UPS Fishing Union of Sondrio, are populated with Grayling and brown trout, rainbow trout and char. Some lakes (Grosotto, Sablonera, etc.), Streamlining fishing and do not require any fees.

Air Sports

unique emotions, great views, the dream of flying come true man
Paragliding is a different and fascinating way to experience nature, not in contact with the earth, but with the air. Launch into flight from a mountain slope and is imbued with the Wind "listening to" the silence that only the sky can offer, it is a pleasure, once tried, to which will be difficult to give up.
This type of discipline is the easiest way to practice flying, in fact, with the paraglider takes off exploiting rising air currents and thermal dynamics, and once at altitude you maneuver using only two commands and shifting his weight in 'harness. Moreover, thanks to the tandem paragliding, accompanied by an instructor, anyone can experience this fascinating experience.
To know more:
Valtellina Volo Libero
Tel. +39 348 4101375