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Valmalenco, Livigno e Madesimo!


Madesimo (formerly Isolated, Madesan Chiavennasco in dialect) is a village of 582 inhabitants in the province of Sondrio, in Spluga Valley, which includes the villages of, Madesimo, Pianazzo Island and Montespluga. Located 1,550 m above sea level, it is popular for winter sports, with over 60 km of slopes, many circuits trails, snowmobiling and snow kiting. Montespluga alpine village located at 1,908 m above sea level along the main road that goes up from Chiavenna to the Spluga Pass, which is only 3 km in the plain at the confluence of the valley Spluga with Val Loga.
It has retained its original appearance with few houses around the way to the old custom building. Montespluga is placed along the route of the Via Spluga to Swiss border and is the starting point for many hiking destinations, mountaineering and ski touring.