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Valmalenco, Livigno e Madesimo!


Livigno is a world renowned ski resort in Valtellina. The village stretches along the road that runs for more than 15 km the whole valley of the river Spöl (formerly known as Aqua Granda) that conveys its waters to the Eno (Inn) and then to the Danube.
The town of Livigno, since 1910, enjoys the status of a duty free area, therefore, exempt from certain taxes such as VAT.
Commodity prices are so convenient and the purchase of tobacco, sugar and alcohol, as well as the supply of car fuel, has created a strong commercial tourism evident in the high density of tourist facilities, shops, restaurants etc.
The reason for the duty free zone status is related to the isolation that has long characterized this location until the winter of 1952/53 (the year of initiation of the opening of the winter Foscagno pass).
The community of Livigno was completely without any means of communication with the rest of the world for the entire winter, from the first autumn snow until snow melts in the spring.